Awajún [Aguaruna]

Aguaruna Bible

Language: [agr]AguarunaAguaruna
Title:Awajún [Aguaruna]Aguaruna Bible
Abbreviation:AGRID: AGRWBT or agr
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Aguaruna: Awajún [Aguaruna] (Bible)

“Wagki Apajuí ashí aentstin senchi anejatu asa, Uchijí makichkiuchia nuna sujamsauwai, ashí niina dekaskeapi tuidauk megkaekashtinme, ayatak pujut nagkanchau ajitnume tau asa.

—John 3:16

Awajún [Aguaruna]

Aguaruna: Awajún [Aguaruna] (Bible)

Copyright © 2020 Wycliffe Bible Translators, Inc.
Language: Aguaruna
Translation by: Wycliffe Bible Translators


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