Solomon prayed for wisdom
Solomon’s wealth
Preparations for building the temple
Solomon’s workers built the temple
The furnishings for the temple
TheSacred Chest wasbroughttothetemple
Solomon’s prayer to dedicate the temple
Solomon dedicated the temple
Yahweh appeared toSolomonagain
Other things that Solomon did
The queen of Sheba visited Solomon
Solomon’s wealth
Solomon’s death
The people of Israel rebelled against Rehoboam
Rehoboam fortified cities in Judah
Rehoboam’s family
The army of King Shishak of Egypt invaded Judah
King Abijah’s rule in Judah
King Asa’s rule in Judah
The reforms that Asa introduced
The final years that Asa ruled Judah
King Jehoshaphat’s rule in Judah
The prophet Micaiah warned King Ahab of Israel
Ahab died inthe battle at Ramoth-Gilead
Jehoshaphat appointed men to settle disputes
Jehoshaphat’s army defeated armies from Moab and Ammon
The final years thatJehoshaphat ruled
King JehoramofJudah
King Ahaziah of Judah
Athaliah andJoash
The revolt against Athaliah
King Joash of Judah
Joash andthe people of Judah turnedawayfrom Yahweh
King Amaziah of Judah
King Uzziah of Judah
King Jotham of Judah
King Ahaz of Judah
King Hezekiah of Judah
Hezekiah purified the temple
Preparations to celebrate the Passover Festival
Theycelebratedthe Passover Festival
Theofferingsforthe priests and Levites
The army of King Sennacherib of Assyria invaded Judah
Hezekiah became proud
Hezekiah became very rich
King Manasseh of Judah
KingAmonof Judah
King Josiah of Judah
The scroll containing God’s laws was found
Josiah led them in celebrating the Passover Festival
The end ofJosiah’slife
King Jehoahaz of Judah