When that happens, there will be very few unmarried men still alive.
As a result, seven unmarried women will grab one man, and say,
“Allow us all to marry you [IDM]!
We will provide our own food and clothing.
All that we want is to no longer be disgraced because of not being married.”
A promise that some day Jerusalem will be restored
But some day, Israel [MTY] will be very beautiful and great/glorious.
The people of Israel who will still be there will be very proud of the wonderful fruit that grows in their land.
All the people who will remain in Jerusalem, who were not killed when Jerusalem was destroyed,
whose names are listed among those who live there, will be called holy.
That will happen when Yahweh washes away the guilt of the women of Jerusalem,
and when he stops the violence [MET] on the streets of Jerusalem by punishing the people of Jerusalem.
When he does that, it will be like a fire to burn up all the impure things.
Then Yahweh will send a cloud of smoke every day and a flaming fire every night
to cover Jerusalem and all those who gather there;
it will be like a glorious canopy over the city
that will shelter the people from the sun during the daytime
and protect them when there are windstorms and rain.