Songs that people will sing to praise Yahweh
At that time, you people of Jerusalem will sing this song:
“Yahweh, we praise you!
Previously, you were angry with us,
but you are not angry now
and you have comforted us.
Amazingly, you have come to save us,
so we will trust in you and not be afraid.
Yahweh our God, you enable us to be strong;
you are the one about whom we sing;
you have rescued us from our enemies.”
You(pl), his people, will greatly enjoy being saved
like [MET] you enjoy drinking water from a fountain.
At that time you all will say,
“We should thank Yahweh! We should praise him [MTY]!
We should tell the people of all the people-groups what he has done;
we should enable them to know that he [MTY] is very great!
We should sing to Yahweh, because he has done wonderful things.
We should enable everyone in the world to know it!
You people of Jerusalem, shout joyfully to praise Yahweh,
because he is the great Holy One whom we Israeli people worship,
and he lives among us!”