Yahweh will destroy Moab
I received this message from Yahweh about the Moab people-group:
In one night two of your important cities, Ar and Kir, will be destroyed.
The people of Dibon, your capital city, will go to their temple to mourn/weep;
they will go to their shrines on the hilltops to weep.
They will wail because of what happened to Nebo and Medeba towns in the south;
they will all shave the hair of their heads, and the men will cut off their beards to show that they are grieving.
In the streets people will wear rough sackcloth,
and on their flat rooftops and in the city plazas everyone will wail,
with tears streaming down their faces.
The people of Heshbon city and Elealeh towns in the north of Moab will cry out;
people as far away as Jahaz town in the south will hear them wailing.
Therefore the soldiers of Moab will tremble and cry out
and they will be very afraid [IDM].
I feel very sorry for the people of Moab;
they will flee to Zoar and Eglath-Shelishiyah towns in the far south.
They will cry as they walk up to Luhith town.
All along the road to Horonaim town people will mourn
because their country has been destroyed.
The water in Nimrim Valley will have dried up.
The grass there will be withered;
the green plants will all be gone,
and there will be nothing left that is green.
The people will pick up their possessions
and carry them across Willows Brook.
Throughout the country of Moab, people will be crying;
people as far away as Eglaim in the south and Beer-Elim in the north will hear them wailing.
The stream near Dimon will become red from the blood of people who have been killed,
but I will cause the people of Moab to experience even more trouble:
Lions will attack those who are trying to escape from Moab
and will also attack the people who remain in that country.