The coming time of punishment
This is also what the Commander of the armies of angels says: “There will be a time that I will judge and punish people. When that happens, it will be like [SIM] a very hot furnace. At that time, all the proud and wicked people will be burned up like [MET] stubble burns. They will be burned up completely, like roots and branches and everything else on a tree burns completely in a very hot fire. But as for you who revere me [MTY], the one who will save you will come to you like [MET] the sun shines in the morning, and enable you to become righteous (OR, do what is righteous); he will restore you and protect you like a bird protects its chicks [MET] under its wings. When he comes, you will be very joyful, like [SIM] calves that go out from a barn into the pasture leaping joyfully. At the time when I judge people, you will tread on wicked people as though [SIM] they were the dirt under your feet. That is what I, the Commander of the armies of angels, promise.
Be sure to obey the laws that I gave to Moses, who served me well. Obey all the commandments and regulations that I gave him on Sinai Mountain, for all you people of Israel to obey.
Listen to this: Some day I will send to you the prophet Elijah. He will arrive before the great and dreadful/terrible day when I, Yahweh, will judge and punish people. Because of what he preaches, parents and their children will love each other again [IDM]. If that does not happen, I will come and curse your country and destroy it.”