This book contains the account of the Israeli people obeying God’s message to them through Haggai and rebuilding the temple. We call this book
A call to rebuild the temple
I am, Haggai, aprophet. IreceivedamessagefromYahwehon August 29th, duringthesecondyearthatDariuswasthekingof Persia. ItoldthismessagetoShealtiel’s sonZerubbabel, thegovernorofJudah, andtoJehozadak’s sonJeshua, the Supreme Priest.
Yahweh, the Commander ofthearmiesof heaven, told methatthepeoplewere saying thatitwasnotyettimeforthemtorebuildYahweh’s temple.
ThenYahwehgavemethismessageto tell to the people of Jerusalem: “Itisnot right [RHQ] foryoutobelivingin luxurious houseswhilemytempleis only ruins! I,Yahweh, the Commander ofthearmiesof heaven, say this: Thinkaboutwhatis happening toyou. Youhaveplanteda lot of seeds, but you are not getting manycropsto harvest. You eat food, but you never get enough. Youdrinkwine, but you are still thirsty. Youwearclothes, but you do not stay warm. You earn money, but things are very expensive, withthe result thatit is as though [MET] your money disappears becauseyou are puttingitin purses/pockets thathavebigholesinthem.”
SothisiswhatYahweh, the Commander ofthearmiesof heaven, says: “Thinkaboutwhatis happening toyou. Thengoupintothehills, cut down trees,andbringtimberdown here, andrebuildmytemple. Whenyoudothat, Iwillbepleased, andIwillbehonored. You expected to harvestplentyof crops, buttherewerefewcrops to harvest. Andwhenyoubroughtthe crops home, I caused themto spoil [IDM] quickly. Thereasonthat happened is thatmytempleisa ruins, while each ofyouare busy building your own beautifulhouses. 10 Itisbecauseofwhatyouare doingthat rain does not fall fromthesky, andas a result there are no crops. 11 Ihave caused a ◄drought/severe lack of rain► onthehillsandonyour fields. The result hasbeenthatyourgrainhas withered, andyour grapevines [MTY] and olive trees [MTY] andallyourother crops have dried up. Because of that,youandyour cattle do not have enough food, andthe hard workthatyouhavedonewillbefornothing.”
12 ThenZerubbabelandJeshuaandalltheothersofGod’s peoplewhowerestill alive obeyedthemessagethatYahwehourGodhadsaid, andtheyheededthemessagethatIhadgiventhem, becausethey knew thatYahwehourGodhadsent/appointedme. AndthepeoplereveredYahweh.
13 ThenI, Haggai, whowasYahweh’s messenger, gave thismessagefromYahwehtothepeople: “I, Yahweh, declare thatIamwithyou.” 14 SoYahweh motivated ZerubbabelandJeshuaandtheotherpeopleto want to rebuild thetempleofourGod, the Commander ofthearmiesof angels. Theygatheredtogetherand started toworkto rebuild it. 15 They started workon September 21st, duringthesecondyearthatDariuswastheking.