The new temple
On October 17 of that year, Yahwehgaveme, theprophetHaggai, anothermessage. The message was that I should say thistoZerubbabel, Jeshua, andtothe other peoplewhowerestill alive in Jerusalem: “Doanyofyou remember howgloriousourformertemplewas? If you do,whatdoesitlookliketoyounow? Itmustseemlikenothingatall. Butnowthe Commander ofthearmiesof angels saystoall of you, toZerubbabelandJeshuaandthe rest ofyoupeoplewho live inthisnation, ‘Do not be discouraged;bestrong [DOU], andworkto build this new temple, becauseIwill ◄bewith/help► you. MySpiritremainsamongyou, likeIpromisedyourancestorswhentheyleftEgypt. Sodonotbeafraid!’ ”
Thisiswhatthe Commander ofthearmiesof angels says: “SoonIwillshaketheskyandtheearth, the oceans andthelandagain. Iwillshakeagain the people of allthenations, andasa result theywill bring their treasures to this temple. Iwillfillthistemplewithmyglory. Thesilverandthegoldthat they ownarereally mine, so they will bring them to me. Thenthistemplewillbemoregloriousthantheformer/previoustemple was. AndIwillcausethingstogowellforyouall. That will surely happen because I,the Commander ofthearmiesof angels, havesaidit.”
What they do now will be acceptable to Yahweh
10 On December 18 ofthatyear, Yahwehgaveanothermessagetome, theprophetHaggai. 11 Thisiswhatthe Commander ofthearmiesof angels said tome: “Asktheprieststhis questionaboutwhatis written inthelawsof Moses about sacrifices: 12 ‘Ifoneof you priests takes from the altar somemeatthatwas sacrificed andiscarryingitinhis robes, ifhis robe touchessomebreadorsteworwineoroliveoilorsomeotherfood, doesthatfoodalsobecome ◄holy/acceptable fora sacrifice►?’ ”
When he said that tothepriests, theyreplied, “No.”
13 ThenHaggai asked them, “If someonebecomes unacceptable to God bytouchingacorpse, andthen hetouchesanyofthose foods, willthe food alsobecome unacceptable to God?”
Thepriestsreplied, “Yes.”
14 ThenHaggaireplied, “Yahwehsaysthis: ‘Itisthesamewithyoupeopleandwiththisnation. Everythingthatyoudoandall the sacrificesthatyouallofferare unacceptable tomebecause of the sins that you have committed.
15 Thinkaboutwhathasbeen happening toyoubeforeyou began tolaythefoundationofmytemple. 16 Whenyou expected to harvest 20 bushels of grain, you harvested only ten bushels. When someone wenttoabigwinevatto get 50 gallons of wine, therewere only 20 gallons in the vat. 17 Isent ◄blight/hot winds► andmildewandhailtodestroyallyour crops. But still youdid not return tome.
18 Starting fromthisday, December 18, thedaywhenyouhavelaidthefoundationofmynewtemple, continue tothinkcarefullyabout your situation. 19 Istherenow [RHQ] any grainseedleftinyour barns? No, because you have eaten the small amount that you harvested. Andthereisnofruitonyour grapevines andfigtreesandpomegranatetreesandolivetrees.
But, fromnowon, Iwillblessyou!’ ”
Yahweh’s promise to Zerubbabel
20 Onthatsameday, Yahwehgaveanothermessagetome. 21 He said, “Tell ZerubbabelthegovernorofJudahthat I am going toshaketheskyandtheearth. 22 I will end thepowerofthe kings ofmanynations [DOU]. I willcausetheirchariotsandtheir drivers, theirhorsesandthe soldierswhoareridingonthemtobedestroyed. What will happen is that I will cause the soldierstokilleach other withtheirswords.
23 Zerubbabel, youserveme well. SoI, the Commander ofthearmiesof angels, declare thatlike kings wearsignet rings to show that they have authority to rule people, Iwillappointyouand cause youto have authority to rule. IwilldothatbecauseIhavechosenyou. That will surely happen because I,the Commander ofthearmiesof angels, havesaidit.”