Jerusalem’s suffering will end
You people who live in the holy city of Jerusalem [APO], wake up!
Be strong again!
Show that [MTY] your city is beautiful and glorious;
foreigners who do not believe in God will not enter your city again to attack you.
People of Jerusalem, get up from humbly sitting in the dust
and sit in places where people are honored!
You people who have returned from being exiled,
take off from your neck the chains which were fastened around you as slaves in Babylonia,
because this is what Yahweh says:
When you were taken to Babylonia,
no one paid me for doing that.
So now I will bring you back
without being required to pay for you!”
Yahweh our Lord also says this:
“Long ago, my people went to Egypt to live there.
Later they were being ◄oppressed/treated cruelly► by the soldiers of Assyria.
But now think about what is happening:
My people are being forced to be slaves again, this time by the people of Babylonia.
And those who have conquered them this time have also paid me nothing,
and they despise me [MTY] continually [DOU].
But my people will then have a close relationship with [MTY] me,
and when that happens, they will know that I am the one who predicted/promised that it would happen.
It is I, Yahweh, who will do it.”
A message of encouragement for Jerusalem
It is a wonderful thing when messengers [MTY] arrive on the mountains/hills,
bringing good news,
the news about God giving us peace and saving us,
the news that the God to whom we Israeli people belong is now ruling/king!
The watchmen who are guarding the city will shout and sing joyfully,
because while they are watching
they will see Yahweh returning to Jerusalem.
Jerusalem has been ruined,
but the people who are there now should start to sing joyfully,
because Yahweh will encourage his people;
he will set his people free and bring them back to Jerusalem.
10 Yahweh will show all the nations that he is holy and powerful.
People in the most remote/distant places on earth will know
that he has rescued his people.
11 So, leave the places where you were taken to when you were captured,
where everything is unacceptable to God.
You men who carry the items used for the worship of Yahweh,
leave there and return to Jerusalem,
and purify yourselves in order to be acceptable to worship God.
12 But it will not be necessary for you to leave suddenly,
to flee in panic,
because Yahweh will ◄go in front of/lead► you;
and he will also protect you from being attacked at the rear while you travel.
God’s suffering servant
13  Yahweh says, “Listen carefully!
My servant will act wisely (OR, do the right things to accomplish what he wants to),
and I will highly exalt him.”
14 But many people will be appalled when they see what has happened to him.
Because of his being beaten very badly, his appearance will be changed;
people will hardly recognize that he is a human.
15 But he will cause people of many nations to be surprised;
even kings will be silent when they stand in front of him,
because they will see someone that no one had told them about previously,
and they will understand things that they had not heard about before.