◄Who will believe what we will tell them about God’s servant?/Hardly anyone will believe what we will tell them about God’s servant.► [RHQ]
◄Who will see what Yahweh does by his great power?/Very few people will see what Yahweh does by his great power.► [MTY, RHQ]
While God watches, his servant will grow up appearing/seeming to be very insignificant/unimportant,
like a weak young plant that shoots up from a root of a tree that is growing in dry ground.
There will be nothing beautiful or majestic about him,
nothing that would cause us to want to be with him.
People will despise and reject him. {He will be despised and rejected.}
He will endure much pain, and he will suffer much.
Because his face will be very disfigured, people will not want to look at him;
people will despise him and think that he is not worth paying any attention to.
But he will be punished for the sicknesses of our souls;
he will endure great pain for us.
But we will think that he is being punished by God,
afflicted/punished for his own sins.
But his body will be bruised because of the evil things that we did,
wounded because of our sins.
He will be beaten in order that things will go well for our souls;
and because he will be whipped, our souls can be healed.
All of us have gone away from God like [SIM] sheep who have strayed away from their shepherd.
We have turned away from doing the things that God wants in order to do the things that we wanted [MET].
We deserve to be punished, but Yahweh will punish him instead of punishing us for all of our sins.
He will be abused and caused to suffer,
but he will not say anything to complain.
They will lead him to where they will execute him,
like they lead a lamb to where it will be slaughtered.
And like a sheep does not ◄bleat/make any noise► when the shearer cuts off its wool,
he will not say anything [MTY] to defend himself when he is killed.
After he is arrested and put on trial,
he will be taken away and executed.
And no one [RHQ] will be able to talk about his descendants,
because he will die [EUP] without being married and having children.
He will be ◄afflicted/caused to suffer► for the wrong things that we have done.
Although he will never have done any wrong or deceived [MTY] anyone,
people will plan to bury his corpse where wicked people are buried,
but instead, a rich man will bury him after he dies.
10 But it will be Yahweh’s will that he be afflicted and caused to suffer.
And when he dies, Yahweh will cause him to be an offering to remove the guilt of sinners.
But later he will have many spiritual children,
and he will live ◄a long time/forever► after he dies and becomes alive again,
and he [MTY] will accomplish everything that Yahweh has planned.
11 When he sees all that he will accomplish because of his suffering,
he will be satisfied.
And because of what will have happened to him,
Yahweh’s righteous servant will cause the guilt of many people to be ended,
because he will remove the guilt for their sins.
12 So Yahweh will consider him to be one of the truly great people;
he will be like a king who divides up among his soldiers the ◄spoils/things they took from their enemies after defeating them► [MET],
because he will sacrifice himself and die.
Even though people will consider him to be a sinner,
he will remove the guilt of many people,
and he will intercede/pray that those who have done things that are wrong will be forgiven.